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A New Spark To Jumpstart Singapore's Renewable Energy Sector?

A local company has possibly found a solution that will help Singapore increase its usage in solar power.  There is a new panel that is able to convert more energy from the sun into the much needed electricity in a large metropolis of Singapore.  Capable of creating to an 280 W of power per panel than its previous generation that was only capable of 260 W. 

This is huge because Singapore is limited in space and in order to get the most out of the energy from the sun every millimetre of rooftop space should have some sort of solar panel.  The company is called REC and its vice president in the tech sector admits that this may be a small difference of power output but it is significant towards a larger scale down in the future.

But any advance solar panel, the REC firm uses the output of the sun and captures also the infrared output by a new material that has been stalled that has amazing reflective properties.  This infrared lighting is then reflected in the solar cell to be than converted to electricity.

Here are 6 interesting facts on Singapore

  1. You can find the lyrics of the National anthem on their $1000 money.
  2. The Singapore nickname is the lion city but yet there is no Lions on the island when it was first discovered.  It was probably mistaken for a tiger.
  3. If you are a historical buff and think of city states, you probably think of ancient Greece.  Singapore is one of only three in the world is considered a city state.  The others include Vatican City and Monaco.
  4. If you’re annoyed with time changes because of daylight savings time, could you imagine having to go through six different time zone changes in a century?  Singapore has done this since 1905.
  5. The British Council did research on Singaporeans and found that they were the fastest average walkers in the world.  Branded numbers come to 18 m per 11 seconds.
  6. Lastly did you know that there is a Singapore town in the state of Michigan?  Apparently it is a ghost town but there is a Singapore yacht club near the ghost town. - Future is Now - 2018