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Fountain challenge of solar flights

If you haven’t heard about the solar flight across the world then make sure to read this post first before proceeding.  Solar impulse # 2 is a powered by the sun using solar cells has taking off from the Phoenix airport and heading towards the town of Tulsa Oklahoma.  What is remarkable is that is flying without any fuel at all.

It is power 100% by its solar panels.  This flight will take approximately 18 to 19 hours in this remarkable engineered plane that apparently looks like a giant dragonfly.  You’re probably thinking wow, 20 hours?  You have to understand that it is flying at the speed of a car.  This is only the beginning as our reliance on fuel will diminish over the next 20 to 50 years.

The plane has a wingspan of 72 m which is in fact wider than that of a 747 plane.  The plane is equipped with four electrical engines.  These four engines are powered by 17,000 small solar cells that are engineered to be very light weight but are very strong.

The Biggest Challenge

The biggest hurdle in this flight plan is the Rocky Mountains which may cause a little trouble for the pilots.  The key is for the solar plane to fly above any cloud buildup or between them.  It also has to ascend early in order to make the landing as opposed to any other non-solar plane.

Big funding

In an earlier flight, solar impulse number two flew from Hawaii to San Francisco with remarkable success, and during that landing had received $20 million in funding towards the program.  With more funding, means a large interest in environmental programs and a future without the use of fossil fuel. - Future is Now - 2018