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Current facts of solar energy

The cost of solar panels have been on the declined since the 70s.  A day’s worth of sun is the same as a single AA battery which cost around $80 in the late 70s.  Today’s cost is $.50 because of the improvement of technology and the harvesting of energy is much greater than 30 years ago.

Here are some quick facts.

  • Industry is become a 10 billion dollar sector with over 12,500 are businesses, where many of them are small.
  • In the past five years growth rates are over 20% for each of those years.
  • The solar sector has more employees than that of gas and oil extraction.
  • In actuality solar panels work well in the cold as the key is sunlight and not so much the heat as you will find in many warmer climates.
  • As we mentioned before the technology has no moving parts and maintenance is very low.
  • The best of all you have free electricity it will pay itself within 10 years for standard solar panel installation on the roof. - Future is Now - 2018