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California’s New Top Dog for Solar Panels

The city in California with the most capacity of solar panels has shifted from being Los Angeles to San Diego.  The city of San Diego is ranked ahead of San Jose and Honolulu Hawaii for solar installation.  In the year 2016, the whole San Diego area solar power consumption has increased by 6% from the previous year.  Los Angeles held the top spot for the past three years.  The Mayor of San Diego celebrated in front of a high school crowd but congratulating the city.  He mentions that the city is a great example of how investing in clean energy and green jobs will lead to a much better future for everybody.  The big goal for the city is to use 100% renewable power throughout the area.

In other cities across California, San Jose had made a splash into fourth place for total installed panels and coming second for the category of “solar per/to person” ratio.  Just a note, Hawaii came in first for this category of solar to person ratio and San Diego coming in second. - Future is Now - 2018